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Current development efforts are being organised at SleepyHead’s Discord server. If you are interested in joining in and helping with testing, fixing bugs, writing documentation or translation, please contact a team member for an invite.

Building from source

Obtaining Source Code

Official GIT master branch is at:

Windows Platform Build Notes

Recommended GIT client:  (When prompted install git binary to path (not everything, just the binary))
Requires Qt5.5 to build, recommend Qt5.9.4 + Annuelen QtWebkit revival binaries

Qt OpenSource SDK is available from
(Install 5.9.4 MinGW 5.30, and 5.9.4 source code, and MinGW 5.30 compiler under Tools)

Annulen’s QtWebKit (5.212.0 Alpha 2) binaries are available from:
(Make sure to grab the MinGW 5.30 qt59 version to match the Official Qt MinGW 5.30 5.9.4 build..)

The idea is to unzip the contents inside the C:\Qt\5.9.4\mingw53_32 folder and you should be able to run and build in release mode. 
Debugging libraries require building QtWebKit from source which is AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE to build:
(See here if you’re brave:

If you still want to debug (step through, breakpoints, etc) code, It’s ok to install/also install  Qt5.5 from’s installer (which has webkit included), but it means putting up with a few odd unexpected crashes and Qt bugs.  Make sure to pull it’s relevant Toolchain and source if you do.

Mac Platform Build Notes

Requires XCode and CommandLine Tools installed from Apple’s App store.

Requires Qt5.8+ to build on latest MacOS and XCode  (this means it requires Annulen QtWebkit revival fork built)

This was way easier than building on windows for some reason.

Recommend using official Qt5.9.4 build (from and building QtWebkit to suit. (

Linux Platform Build Notes

Requires Qt 5+ with webkit, package manager version will do, recent Debian systems (and others) have QtWebkit in the package manager along with reasonably modern Qt5 builds.

Reporting Bugs


(and please no feature requests on gitlab issues, but feel free to come discuss them in the ideas room on discord chat)

Duplicates or two-fers will be deleted mercilessly and with fervor. Please make sure to include ALL your relevant information unless you are the one who is going to fix it (and remember others help test too even then)… Don’t assume anyone else knows what equipment, type of computer you are running, and don’t use Mark’s lazy bug reports as an example.

Make sure to git pull the latest code and retesting before filing your report.


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